Garden Tours

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Located on a higher elevation just outside the village of East Bloomfield, on a 1-acre plot featuring over 400 hydrangea cultivars, not to mention the two small lotus ponds that are always trying to steal the show. Tours are offered to garden groups between late-July and early-August, when the hydrangeas are at their peak, and can comfortably accommodate up to 40 people at a time. Keep in mind that not every year is a ‘good macrophylla year,’ due to uncontrollable weather anomalies. Either way, tours are loaded with instruction on how to grow each of the hardy species of hydrangea. Be advised that the terrain is somewhat hilly and uneven throughout. Email to make arrangements.

Garden Tour 2017

2017 garden tour video. I asked my son, Lochlan, who’s currently majoring in film scoring, if he could put some ambient music together for this video, and a couple hours later he sent me back this piece. I only wish my camera abilities matched his composition skills! (Best listened to on high quality headphones to get the full effect).

2017 was the best hydrangea year we’ve had in Central New York in a long time. It began in 2016 with a very even cool-down, which helped our macrophylla hydrangeas harden-off well for winter. Then, our winter was very mild, with only a couple of brief dips into the single-digits. Our spring gave us a couple of scares, with some light frosts occurring in May, but none were heavy enough to damage our hydrangeas’ flower buds, which came out early due to our very mild April. Spring was a bit dry but summer was cool and wet, just what hydrangeas love.

You’ll note the many macrophylla cultivars that are not blooming at all. This season really illustrated which cultivars should be avoided in our harsh climate, though I hope, in a couple of years, to have a new and more effective way of getting blooms from at least most of those.

Image may contain: plant, flower, tree, outdoor and nature