Lotus are another interest of mine. I struggled for years to sell them and grow them in containers large enough to keep them from going pot-bound in less than a month, then I thought, the only way to do this right is to have a GIANT container for them. Why not a whole pond?

I came up with the idea for the design shown below. The 9th photo was taken that July. No patience needed for Lotus. The pond has been through more than 10 summers now and each year I get 50-60 blooms with hardly any effort at all!

Step 1. Level Area

Step 2. Outline Pond Shape and Excavate 9" Deep.

Step 3. Outline Planter Area.

Step 4. Dig Out Planter Area to a Depth of 9".

Step 5. Install Pond Liner.

Step 6. Fill Planter Area With a Mix of Topsoil and Composted Manure.

Step 7. Cover Soil With a 1-2" Layer of Sand and Line Vertical Walls With Rock.

Step 8. Fill With Water, Remove Excess Liner and Hide Edge With Smaller Stone.

Step 9. Plant Lotus Tubers in Planter Area.

Later That Summer...

4 years Later-with little maintenance, the lotus are still going strong!