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TODAY'S HYDRANGEASA Buying & Growing Guide

by Tim Boebel

86 Full Color pages

$19.95 Retail, $15 Wholesale

“The past 10 years have seen an explosion of new hydrangea cultivars introduced into the American marketplace.” This book gets readers up to date with the hydrangeas currently available from their local garden centers, and is loaded with unique growing tips. From the author of "Hydrangeas in the North: Getting Blooms in the Colder Climates," "Today's Hydrangeas" is a resource for gardeners in all climates.

Over 200 full color photographs and diagrams, with descriptions of over 130 of today’s hottest hydrangea cultivars.

"The purpose of this book is not to supplant (pun intended) 'Hydrangeas in the North', nor any other of the wonderful hydrangea resources that have been written thus far; it is intended as a thorough buying guide first, and a rather general (yet succinct) growing guide second, as the lengthy explanations of various growing techniques have already been thoroughly covered many times over, including in 'Hydrangeas in the North.'"

HYDRANGEAS in the NORTHGetting Blooms in the Colder Climates

by Tim Boebel

120 Full Color pages

$24.95 Retail, $17.50 Wholesale

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